Released May 1981

Chief Five Killer, son of Nancy Ward and King-fisher, was born in 1755 and raised to be a great hunter and fisherman.  Called Little Fellow as a boy, he earned his new name, Hiskyteehee or Five Killer, in 1777 in a battle at Rye's Cove in which five white men were killed.  Years later Private Five Killer fought side by side with the white man at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend in the War of 1812.  In his later years, Five Killer carried his mother's messages of peace to tribal council meetings.  In Ben Hampton's third montage, Five Killer, wearing hawk feathers and a steitite pendant and earrings, is surrounded by scenes depicting Indian fish traps, bald eagles in flight and a Cherokee cabin.  Five Killer died in 1835 and is buried beside his mother atop a hill south of Benton, Tennessee.


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