Released 1987

This remote setting near Stevenson, Alabama was discovered many years ago by Mr. Hampton, but has long since deteriorated back to its natural state.  the time worn cabin could have easily been forgotten, but certainly not by the budding spring colors of the redbuds and plum blossoms.  The simplicity of this country retreat is accented by the brilliant foliage of spring providing a haven to the old hound on the porch, still patiently awaiting his master.  The earth is again reborn, alive with the promise of this new season.


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Backwood Redbuds Small Decorator 6 X 7 $4.00
Backwood Redbuds Signed only  17 3/4 X 21 $650.00
Backwood Redbuds Signed and Numbered 17 3/4 X 21 $700.00
Backwood Redbuds Artist Proof $750.00

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