Gatlinburg, Tennessee, was just a wide spot in a dirt road a the turn of the century when Charlie Reagan operated his blacksmith shop under the jagged branches of a lightning-struck chestnut tree.  It is fall in the Smoky Mountains, and the season's rich hues color the landscape.  Ben Hampton takes us to visit this old shop from days gone by.  Game chickens scratch in the dirt under a partially built wagon, while nearby an old mule stands waiting to be shod.  The smell of smoke and the steady chink of hammer striking anvil fill the cool autumn air in this realistic picture of a most important part of our Appalachian heritage.

Blacksmith Shop Small Decorator 5 X 7 1/2 $4.00  
Blacksmith Shop Large Decorator $850.00  
Blacksmith Shop Signed and Numbered  16 X 24 $950.00  
Blacksmith Shop Artist Proof  16 X 24 $975.00  



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