A winding farm road, a cedar-posted barbed wire fence, a time-worn log barn, outbuilding and home;  Monarch butterflies ("they migrate at the end of summer'), the 'Farewell Summers' and rusted steelrim wheels move the viewers' attention from point to point in the scene.

The attention to detail is evident in the flowers (asters;  there are several varieties in the picture) and in the careful reproduction of construction in the Barn.  The lower logs are larger and hewn more with smaller logs at the top.

This scene is of a site near Sylva, North Carolina.

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Farewell Summers Signed Only 23 X 25 1/2 $750.00
Farewell Summers Signed and Numbered 23 X 25 1/2 $800.00
Farewell Summers Artist Proof $900.00

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