Plum blossoms bid welcome to an old-fashioned Spring in Ben Hampton's newest limited edition print.  The artist's realistic detailing gives evidence of the original rough hewn log cabin that was once Granny's home.  Today weathered boards cover the old logs, while chickens roost inside and feed in the yard.  Boughs heavy with plum blossoms, from pure white to deep pink, surround the chicken house and trail softly down the hill.  It is Spring in Dekalb County, Alabama, and the earth is bright with the promise of the new season.

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Plum Thicket Small Decorator 6 X 7 $4.00
Plum Thicket Signed Only 18 X 21 1/4 $750.00
Plum Thicket Signed and Numbered 18 X 21 1/4 $850.00
Plum Thicket Artist Proof $900.00

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