The Raven, or Amaheatai, Corane of the Euphorsee, was also referred to as "Long Fellow."  He was considered one of the strongest and most powerful Cherokee warriors of his time.  "Raven" is not a personal name as such, but rather a military title used to designate a superior war leader.  It was very common for Cherokees to use their title as a personal name.  Since he was recognized as a war leader, he was to the white settlers coming into the Cherokee nation, unlike his peace-loving sister, Nancy Ward.

Mr. Hampton portrays "The Raven" as the central figure of the picture.  He is wearing a scalloped sun disc necklace, carved of shell in a circular design.  The cabins are representative of the historical era of the early 1800's.  The largest building pictured is the Nancy Ward Tavern located on the Ocoee River.  The eye then follows in a circular motion to the figure of Raven on horseback.

Raven was considered a "Head Man" or "King of the Valley" to his people, and also titled "Ruler of the Hywassee Valley Towns."  His burial site is on a hill overlooking the Ocoee River in Polk County near Benton, Tennessee between Five Killer, his nephew, and Nancy Ward.


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