Stroll with these barefoot children up a winding dirt lane, into a time when life was simpler...when summer afternoons were meant for wetting a line in the creek and then wetting your whistle with an icy Nu-Grape on the porch of the general store.  In this softly-colored landscape, crystal clear water makes a shallow ford across the road, revealing rocks along the creek bed.  Bright coral trumpet vines climb the trunk of a pine tree.  And in the distance, an old country store sits nestled in the shade of a grove of trees.

Before they made bridges, people just drove wagons through the creek", Mr. Hampton said when speaking of "Shallow Ford", a composite of Grasshopper Creek in Grasshopper, TN, and the old country store from Cherokee, NC. The barefoot children pictured here with their dog, are his granddaughters, Amanda and Lisa.  On this hazy summer afternoon, brightly colored trumpet vines climb the pines at the creek where he had done " a lot of fishing" and yielded many Indian artifacts.

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