Tribute to ben hampton


God gives each a gift to use
  and for his glory, each can choose
to announce to all the world around,
  how God's gifts on earth abound.
To Ben he gave the artist's view,
  a special sense to discern each hue
of fragile flow'r to majestic mountain's mist
  silhouetted tree or sodden earth, procreant, dewkisted
His play of light on gnarled oak or water's face,
  left a living legacy of the commonplace.
His cabin crude told a tale forgot, which
  though time tried, could not blot.
the pageantry that past brings
  or his child-like love of simple things:
       The artistry of the artifact,
       rumbling sound of cataract.
       The flowing form of an Indian urn,
       the verdant lacework of wild fern.
       The stolid beauty of ancient stone,
       the graceful arc of a bird-just flown.
       The farmer's simple tool,
       the stillness of a mountain pool.
       On canvas conserved; these values preserved.
       His work on earth is o'er;
         he has reached another shore.
       And now, with darkened glass removed,
         his artist's eye, with sight improved,
         views streets of gold and jeweled walls;
       He sits with friends in heaven's halls,
         and plans a work which we can see
         on exhibit, in eternity.

 - Elizabeth S. Love


Copyright 2003.  Hampton House Studios, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.